Talking head

Talking head

NameBrandSound is IG Culture (aka TS Repman) and Alex Phountzi who started working together in 2013. Working from their West London studio, they have been chopping and changing 808s and refixing sounds from dancehall, 80's soul, jungle, juke and house, pushing each other forward to hone their rough meets smooth 'pressure' sound.

Both producers have a wide range of influences and this project takes inspiration from the likes of Kilamanjaro, Addies, King Jammy, Metalheadz and Saxon Sound. Broken beats is one of the genres NameBrandSound have in their musical roots with both members gaining notoriety and dropping albums for Virgin Records and V2 as New Sector Movements and Bugz In The Attic. Their part in legendary underground club night Co-Op, alongside their backgrounds and influences, is why NameBrandSound see themselves as rooted in sound system culture.

The debut EP, Nowadays Pressure, was released on Technicolour Records in 2014.

IG and Alex later released two EP's on their Arena Yard imprint distributed by Kudos records.  Arena Yard

Out now brand new EP from NameBrandSound is S.P.E.L.L.T.H.I.S.O.N.E. Arena Yard